2005-05 (MAY, 2005)

Darryl Comes Out To Play - Wellington, New Zealand

Rob Roy 14Our all-things-wooden-enthusiast friend from Sydney, Darryl, came over to stay for the weekend. He is in the closing stages of a restoration job on a wooden-chassised Morris Minor 'Traveller' van that he owns and came over to see us and check out the vehicle's home for the next few months (we're looking after it for him whilst he is back in the US for the Southern Hemisphere winter). Activities included breakfasts out and coastal walks. He also catalysed a decision on my next boat building project. Having just taken delivery of an Arrow 14 from Geodesic Airolite Boats he was full of praise for the quality of their fusion of classic designs and high-tech materials. He kindly gifted me with a set of plans for the SnowShoe 14, a close cousin of the Arrow 14, but it was the fully-enclosed Rob Roy 14 that had me drooling. I ordered both the plans and the partial kit which I'm hoping will be here by July, in time for some winter boat building. We returned Darryl to the airport on Monday afternoon - a most excellent weekend.

Update: the kit arrived in just over a week - how good is that!

Holly - Wellington, New Zealand

At 03:59 on Tuesday, 17th May Andrea & Chris' lives changed forever. After a violently quick labour and birth (from "hey, I think I'm getting a contraction" to "it's a girl!" was just over 6 hours) we were graced with the presence of Holly McDonough Molloy (3.710kg, or 8lbs 3oz in old money). The speed of the process left both girls a little battered, Holly arriving with her hand up against her face and in a bit of a tangle with her cord. She needed a small amount of help to get her breathing going and spent her first day in the Neo-natal Unit where her progress could be monitored more easily. By evening she was pretty much back to full health. She cuts a long, lithe figure, has a passion for keeping her hands up beside her face (including during birth), and has her mother's colouring and luscious lips. She's just beautiful.

More photos will be coming soon (opportunities in the Neo-natal Unit were understandably a little restricted). Dad's going to bed now...