2005-06 (JUNE, 2005)

Bex & Pete Come To Visit - Wellington, New Zealand

Bex & Pete spent the June long weekend in Christchurch and dropped in to see us for the day on their way back to Auckland.

The primary reason for their visit was to meet the newest addition to the Molloy family, Holly. Bex was especially curious (interesting for someone I think of as being not very interested in babies) - at least she was, right up until Holly farted on her hand. ;-) They also got to catch up with some of their Wellington friends. A pleasant, if brief, visit.

The Rest Of The Molloy's Come To Visit - Wellington, New Zealand

Ma, Pa, Timmy & Milly all came up from Christchurch to meet the newest addition to the Molloy family, Holly.

We had a great few days of pure family bonding stuff. Mum & Milly stayed with us and got the 24/7 Holly experience. Dad & Tim stayed with a cousin of my Dad's, Sally, who lives in Eastbourne (a mere 3km from us across the water, but a 45-minute drive around the harbour). We all ventured over to Sally's for a fantastic dinner on the Saturday evening. Other activities included a family trip to Te Papa, many meals out, and the Significant Purchase of a Mountain Buggy baby stroller for the wee one (we are now the proud owners of the baby stroller equivalent of an SUV/RV - sweeeet). A most pleasant long weekend!

Botanic Garden Walk - Wellington, New Zealand

Begonia houseOn Saturday we bundled up warm and struck out to join the The Ancient Tree Trail walk through the Wellington Botanic Garden, one of this month's events from the Wellington City Recreation web site. "On this guided walk, step back in time to when dinosaurs wandered the Earth. Discover the trees that have ancestry dating back to the Jurassic Age." It was our first big outing with our new baby stroller and it performed very well 'in the field'. We finished up at a café in the heart of the Thorndon Antiques Strip. An absolutely, positively fabulous day's outing!