Gray code is an alternative binary encoding that is especially suited to mechanical or optical projects - it encodes a value (e.g. angle-of-rotation) in a way that is more 'robust' than 'regular' binary encoding. I had several projects that wanted custom Gray code dials, so I wrote the following SVG generator...

[1, 10]

Ratio of ring-to-spacer thickness, [0, 1)

Do not place rings inside this portion of the dial, [0, 1)

Yes = better for printed use; No = better for laser-cutting use

SVG: Image

SVG: Code

Angle-of-Rotation Encoder

If you're looking to make an angle-of-rotation encoder with sub-degree precision, permit me to direct you to this fabulous thingiverse thing: 9-Bit Absolute Single-track Gray Code Rotary Encoder. To find out more, see here.

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