2001-07 (JULY, 2001)

Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia

Andy and I spent a splendid evening enjoying Puccini's 'Il Tritico'. The quality of the Sydney Opera House production was world class.

Blue Mountains - NSW, Australia

Andy and I have now officially 'settled in' (a moment defined by the arrival of our new TV) and we celebrated the occasion by going for our first weekend away from Sydney. The B&B was called Monique's.

We boarded a train for the Blue Mountains on Friday evening, complete with our shiny new bikes. I had hopes that taking the bikes was just a mutual show of bravado and that the closest I would get to them during the coming weekend would be watching them out of the window whilst helping myself to a third serving of bacon & eggs. Alas, it wasn't to be.

On Saturday we cycled from Wentworth Falls (where we were staying), through Leura (good sticky date pudding) and Katoomba (good coffee) to Echo Point and the "Blu Mountains Tourist Xperience" (expensive, bad tea). The latter was mobbed, but the Scenic Railway and 'Scenescender' were both pretty cool. After a good 20 kms of up-and-down cycling we returned home, me for a bath and Andy for a wee sleep. We dined at the '1999 NSW Restaurant of the Year' (presumably as awarded by the owner's brother - food wasn't bad, but the service and decor would've been given a run for it's money by the local McDonald's.

On Sunday we cycled to Yester Grange, a delightful-sounding country estate overlooking the Wentworth Falls (unfortunately closed for the Winter) and then down to the falls proper. The falls are pretty impressive, tumbling step-over-step for a good 300 vertical metres (photos on web site someday soon). We got the 15:30 train home and, after a wee cycle from Central Station, were home by 19:00. Lovely.