2001-06 (JUNE, 2001)

Blue Mountains - NSW, Australia

Dave and I went on a mission in Larry the Landrover on a glorious mid-Winter's day. We lunched in Katoomba before driving up to Blackheath area and, once there, visited the spectacular views from Govetts Leap and Evans Lookout. We got a taster of bush walking available in the area too - looks bloody good. Got a bit lost on the way home, but had an excellent day out whilst the plebes were at work.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Andy and I went home to visit mummy and daddy for the weekend. We got in late on Friday night, but stayed up nattering for quite a while before turning in.

We were up early on Saturday to catch the Trans-alpine Express over the Southern Alps to Greymouth and back. Unfortunately for us the weather was pretty bad and a journey that is renowned for it's spectacular views turned in to 'just a long train journey'. Sunday was blob-out day. We ate food and watched the entire Star Wars Trilogy before heading back out to the airport. Far too brief a visit.

Sydney, Australia

Got job. Started . Allianz (Australia) Ltd. The end of the easy life for a while.