For The Outdoors Person...
TidePlan™ TidePlan NZ: New Zealand's best Sun/Moon/tide app.
SunPlan™ SunPlan: Augmented Reality (AR) Sun path diagrams and compass.
Name?™ NZ Name? NZ: Answers questions like "what's that hill called?" in real-time as you pan around with your camera.
For Privacy...™ Facilitates privately sharing your location with a pre-selected Contact (or two, or four), via an SMS message, with a quick screen tap.
FakeID™ FakeID: Generates and manages fictitious identity data to help you 'blur' your identity online.
Others Worth A Mention...
Play/Pause/Skip Play/Pause/Skip: Provides big, 'always on' media player buttons - perfect for basic media player control whist you're driving.
Birthday Widget: Super simple birthday reminder widget.
ThisIsATest: A meta-app for Android™ developers.