During Holly's first few years with us I sporadically recorded her small achievements ('yardstones' as opposed to 'milestones'). Here they are for posterity...

Date Recorded Yardstone
27/07/2005 Swatting things hanging from her (homemade) play gym
27/07/2005 Coordinated grabbing of objects held out for her left and right hands (she's a lefty!)
27/07/2005 Passing her Plunket health check with flying colours: weight 5.5kg (mostly in her cheeks); length 60.5cm; head circumference 38.9cm; number of chins = 2
30/07/2005 Happily chatting to herself in the wee small hours of the morning
04/08/2005 2-way conversations centred on using the word "hoo"
09/08/2005 Fitting her whole fist inside her mouth
16/08/2005 Rolling from her tummy onto her back
23/08/2005 Passing her Plunket health check with flying colours: weight 6.24kg; length 63.2cm; head circumference 40.5cm; chance of sinking in the bath given current cheek volume 0%
29/08/2005 Singing songs to her Dad (previously reserved for Mums only)
06/09/2005 Discovering just how soothing sucking one's thumb is (her parents are overjoyed - not) ;-)
12/09/2005 Making a noise like a coffee machine (she's sooo urbane)
19/09/2005 Laughing with sound (previously silent laughing only)
04/10/2005 Catching both feet with her hands (a major milestone, by all accounts)
07/10/2005 Passing her Plunket health check with flying colours: weight 6.98kg; length 65.5cm; head circumference 41.0cm; top of her class at "grasping both feet with both hands" and singing; bottom of her class at rolling (remedial rolling lessons required)
24/10/2005 Happily, avidly even, eating her first 'solid' food - organic baby rice
03/11/2005 Expanding her diet to include carrot (medium-good), kumura (medium) and pumpkin (face still turned inside-out several hours later)
16/11/2005 Blowing kisses
16/11/2005 Discovering the texture of things by scratching them
18/11/2005 Her very first cold
28/11/2005 Sitting unassisted (for a while, anyway)
28/11/2005 Passing her Plunket health check with flying colours: weight 7.78kg; length 69.0cm; head circumference 42.2cm
11/01/2006 Drinking unassisted out of her sippy cup
16/01/2006 Her very first paddle in the sea (which she adored!)
26/02/2006 Getting her first tooth (bottom, right)
07/03/2006 Rolling in both directions
07/03/2006 Waving
07/03/2006 Picture recognition ("where's the baby?")
22/03/2006 Clapping, singing and dancing all at the same time (i.e. more able than her father)
24/03/2006 Getting her second tooth (bottom, left)
08/04/2006 (Commando-style) crawling
13/04/2006 Getting her third tooth (top, right)
17/04/2006 Doing the actions for 'pop goes the weasel'
17/04/2006 The consonants "d", "g", "c" and "cl" resulting in some good attempts at the words "dog" and "clock"
15/05/2006 Getting her fourth tooth (top, left)
18/05/2006 Getting her fifth tooth
02/06/2006 Getting her sixth tooth
21/06/2006 Having her first hair cut
26/07/2006 Getting her seventh tooth
22/08/2006 Crawling on all fours
22/08/2006 Being able to do the actions for "I'm a little teapot" (very cute)
22/08/2006 Blowing bubbles in swimming class
26/08/2006 Getting her eighth tooth
06/09/2006 Her first swim with water-wings (which she took to like a duck to...)
09/09/2006 Eating her first takeaway curry (dahl, butter chicken and naan bread) - which she scrummed down
12/09/2006 Walking behind her trolley from one end of the hall to the other
29/09/2006 Counting to four (actually, "1", "2", "3", "4", "9") - especially useful if we're counting bits of tomato (our all-time favourite food)
05/11/2006 Lying (question "Is that a pooey nappy I can smell?", reply "No, no, no") and stalling for time ("Time for bed, Holly", reply "Nappy, pooey", all evidence to the contrary)
06/11/2006 Unassisted standing up and walking (with a huge grin on our face)
28/11/2006 Perfect pronunciation of 'bon jour', 'merci' and 'au revoir' (in preparation for our trip to France next year)
17/12/2006 Counting from one to ten (without any help) and reciting the alphabet (with some minor assistance to get past 'S')
18/12/2006 Feeding herself stew with her Miffy spoon
17/12/2006 Rhyming - in fact we're having difficulty getting her to stop rhyming everything
29/12/2006 Being able to locate New Zealand and Ireland on any World map. She has also added "s'il vous plait" to her French vocab. - her geography and foreign language knowledge now equals, or betters, that of her father
14/03/2007 Being able to cite 'gurgle' and 'sizzle' as examples of onomatopoeia (I'm pretty sure she doesn't understand the concept, but it sounds great when people overhear her)
04/05/2007 The ubiquitous use of the phrase "want to [insert verb here] own girl self"
01/07/2007 Announcing "I can't eat it - it's Daddy's" when faced with food she doesn't want to eat
01/07/2007 Asking "where do Cicadas go in winter - a Cicada nest?"
19/07/2007 Going to the toilet "own girl self" - no potty for this girl
10/09/2007 Lots of "what does... mean?"-style questions
14/10/2007 Going for a walk to the shops with big girl nickers on (complete with a wee behind a bush on the way)
20/12/2007 Learning to say 'antidisestablishmentarianism' as her latest party trick