On a whim I thought I'd see what the World Wide Web could tell me about my surname. In a strangely interesting afternoon I collected the following bits & bobs...

Origin And Meaning

This Gaelic surname means descendent of Maol Mhuadh which means 'noble, proud'. The Molloys were descendents of the son of Niall of the Nine Hostages who was called Fiachra. They were lords of Feara Ceall and their territory was primarily Offaly.

Molloy Heraldry

Molloy coat of arms
Coat of Arms: "Argent a lion rampant sable between three trefoils slipt gules".
Molloy crest
Crest: "In front of an oak tree growing out of a mount all proper a greyhound springing sable collared".

Heraldic Glossary:

In addition I found several 'family mottos' which when translated into English become "I would rather die than be disgraced" or "Cut and burn to victory" ("Gearaigh agus Dogh Buadh") - the latter strikes me as being deliciously butch.

Molloy Links

My Wee Branch Of The Molloy Family Tree

In case this is of any interest or use to avid Molloy genealogists out there...

The patriarch and matriarch of the following tree were:
Full Name: Charles Boyd MOLLOY
Born: 30th September, 1916 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Died: ?? @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Jeanne Olwyn SAMPSON
Born: 30th July, 1922 @ Westcliffe, England
Full Name: John Joseph MOLLOY
Born: 15th November, 1917 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Died: 8th November, 2000 @ Orewa, New Zealand
Full Name: Michael John MOLLOY
Born: 1943 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Christopher Michael MOLLOY
Born: 1971 @ Tauranga, New Zealand
Full Name: Holly McDonough MOLLOY
Born: 2005 @ Wellington, New Zealand
Full Name: Mary Josephine WARD
Born: 14th December, 1919 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Died: 27th July, 1991 @ Harare, Zimbabwe
Full Name: Tessa Margaret WRIGHT
Born: 1944 @ Timaru, New Zealand
Full Name: Andrea Catherine Fiona McDONOUGH
Born: 1968 @ Dublin, Ireland
Full Name: Peter GRIFFIN
Born: 1975 @ Timaru, New Zealand
Full Name: Samuel Peter MOLLOY-GRIFFIN
Born: 2007 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Rebecca Sarah MOLLOY
Born: 1973 @ Tokoroa, New Zealand
Full Name: Zoe Tessa MOLLOY-GRIFFIN
Born: 2007 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Madeleine Celeste MOLLOY-GRIFFIN
Born: 2009 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Timothy John MOLLOY
Born: 1979 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Mila MOLLOY
Born: 2015 @ Sydney, Australia
Full Name: Marina PAJIC
Born: 1981 @ ??, Serbia
Full Name: Michael Victor BLAND
Born: 1978 @ Lincoln, New Zealand
Full Name: Farrah Josephine MOLLOY-BLAND
Born: 2012 @ Oxford, England
Full Name: Amelia Elizabeth Josephine MOLLOY
Born: 1982 @ Haywards Heath, United Kingdom
Full Name: Owen MOLLOY-BLAND
Born: 2016 @ Christchurch, New Zealand
Full Name: Patrick MOLLOY
Born: 10th August, 1919 @ Auckland, New Zealand.
Died: 8th December, 1988 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Joan Catherine SNEDDEN
Born: 27th May, 1922 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Full Name: Terence George MOLLOY
Born: 12th February, 1921 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Died: ?? @ ??
Full Name: Patricia Clare SAMPSON
Born: 27th February, 1927 @ Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom
Full Name: Thomas Alexander MOLLOY
Born: 25th April, 1923 @ Auckland, New Zealand
Died: ??, 1934? @ Auckland, New Zealand