Rob Roy 14So what's next after the Wee Lassie? I've purchased plans for the Rob Roy 14 from Geodesic Airolite Boats. A "cruising kayak for lakes and rivers. Weight: 20-25lbs [9-11kg], Capacity: 300lbs [136kg], Est. build time: 120 hrs." She's more enclosed than the Wee Lassie, so she should be more suited to excursions into the sheltered sea harbour where we live.

I've selected Silver Beech as the timber of choice for the frame, but it's taken me almost 9 months to track down a reliable supplier, order the board, get it cut and kiln dried, and get it shipped to me. I chose Silver Beech because of its high strength group to density rating (S4 / 450 - 650 kg/m³) and because it is well suited to steam-bending and gluing. It also looks well (although most of it will be hidden in this design). I can recommend Forever Beech as a supplier of timber. I can strongly recommend you avoid City Timber, Wellington if you want anything to happen in a timely manner and/or for a sensible price.

Current status: On hold whilst building 'Houdini'.