2006-09 (SEPTEMBER, 2006)

Buying A House 2 - Wellington, New Zealand

Well, it's all gone through! We are now in possession of a 'fixer upper' and up to our necks in debt. Wheeeee! I feel so grown up!

We'll be documenting our 'fixer upping' on this site as we go - stay tuned for the 'before' photos coming soon. Hopefully the 'after' photos wont be too many months (years?!) away!

Rarotonga, The Cook Islands

The sea was OK, I guessWe escaped winter and headed to Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, to catch some sun. We stayed at the splendid Lagoon Lodges. The only bummer was that Holly contracted a nasty stomach bug on day two and spent the rest of the week violently throwing up - poor little mite. Otherwise a great break, and somewhere we'd go back to - although, maybe just Andy and I... ;-)