2006-06 (JUNE, 2006)

A Week In The South - Christchurch, New Zealand

Feeding the deer with Nana at Willowbank Wildlife ParkAndy was off to San Francisco on her first trip away since returning to work, leaving Holly and I to battle on without her for ten whole days. I thought "sod doing that on my own" and jumped on the first plane South to go and visit my Mum and Dad in Christchurch for the week.

At least it was supposed to be the first plane South. On the day we were due to travel a Weather Bomb hit New Zealand. This is when two severe weather fronts meet over an area and wreak havoc (like a mini Perfect Storm, you might say). The resulting storms took out the power to 80% of Auckland's population, caused severe gales over Wellington and snow down to sea level in Christchurch. Our 08:00 flight was cancelled and the re-scheduled flight, due out at 19:00, didn't take off until 20:45. It was a long, frustrating day, involving several trips out to the airport and back home. I was glad to see the back of it.

The rest of the week was much more pleasant. The snow hung around for another couple of days, but this didn't stop us getting out and about. We went for several swims at the local indoor pool, paid a visit to the Willowbank Wildlife Park, and popped into the local library and playground. Other diversions included making my Mum a side table to match her new dining room table and helping my Dad update his web site. We also treated ourselves to a fine meal at The Bodhi Tree - utterly delicious!

A pleasant week catching up with the Molloy family!