2005-10 (OCTOBER, 2005)

Di Holly At Diwali - Wellington, New Zealand

On Friday evening Andy & I went out to see 'Democracy', the latest play by Michael Frayn (who also wrote 'Copenhagen'), at Wellington's Circa Theatre. "West Germany 1969. Willy Brandt begins his brief but remarkable career as the first left-of-centre chancellor for nearly 40 years. Always present, but rarely noticed, is Gunther Guillaume, Brandt's devoted personal assistant - and no less devoted in his other role - spying on Brandt for the Stasi. Why would he betray the man he genuinely admires and loves? Democracy is a profound and haunting meditation on the mysteries of human motivation. Winner Best New Play Evening Standard Awards 2003." A most enjoyable evening without the Dolly-girl.

Saturday was a day of projects (I'm building Christmas presents for Milly and Andy at the moment). One highlight of the day was brunch at the recently converted Lyall Bay Surf Lifesaving Club Café - views and food to die for!

On Sunday Holly was treated to her first 'solid' meal - organic baby rice - which she scrummed down. I don't think we're going to have any trouble getting food into this one! Also this weekend Wellington put on a mighty show for the Indian festival of Diwali, the 'Festival of Lights'. We joined the celebrations on Sunday evening and got to eat some great food stall food and watch the colourful Bollywood-style dancing. Brilliant!