2004-04 (APRIL, 2004)

Anzac Weekend - Adelaide, Australia

Andy & I jetted off to Adelaide to spend the long weekend with Paul & Marketa who moved from Sydney to Adelaide just before Easter. We got to see their fabulous house (purchased last year for the price of a parking space in Balmain). The external walls are all solid sandstone (my personal favourite building material) and the inside is all high ceilings and wood and stone. Beautiful.

Andy & I made for rather boring guests - we seemed to spend a good chunk of the weekend asleep (low maintenance guests, I guess). We did get to go to the Cooper's Brewery shop (where I purchased a belated birthday present for Dave) and spent the whole of Sunday pootling around the vineyards of the Barossa Valley. On Monday we all had lunch up in a delightful village in the Adelaide hills, complete with swathes of Autumn-clad trees, and returned to the city via the City Look-out.

We jetted back to Sydney at stupid-o'clock on Tuesday morning and went straight in to work.