2002-07 (JULY, 2002)

Posh Month - Sydney, Australia

We began "posh month" with a trip to the Sydney Opera House to see 'La Boheme'. Everything was as brilliant as ever.

The day after 'La Boheme' I stuffed my knee training for the Sydney 'City2Surf' Fun Run. This made going to the theatre to see 'Milo's Wake' a bit of a challenge. The play was good, though.

A kindly Partner at PwC had organised to get Andy a voucher for a night at a posh hotel (Lilianfels) in the blue mountains in order to speed her recovery from her cycling accident. This weekend we chose to redeem it. We caught the train up on the Saturday morning, checked ourselves in and then retired immediately to the health spa - me for a massage and Andy for a body scrub treatment. We pampered ourselves for the rest of the afternoon and then spent the evening in the sumptuous French restaurant that stands in the hotel grounds. On Sunday we partook of a splendid breakfast, checked out, spent a lazy few hours wandering Katoomba and then caught an afternoon train home. Lovely!

The weekend after Lilianfels we got a phone call from the wine tutor that had taken us to Mudgee last year. He was doing a champagne tasting at short notice and wondered if we would like to attend. Andrea replied, "does the Pope have a balcony?" (which means "yes"), so off we went. We got to try 15 different champagnes, some from Australia and some from France. The only shame was that we tried the really expensive ones last - what a waste!

Our final item for "posh month" was attending the free, outdoor opera at Darling Harbour (complete with fireworks, as per usual) with Chris B. Andy made mulled wine and the three of us went out for dinner in Chinatown afterwards.