2002-02 (FEBRUARY, 2002)

Jazz Concert In The Zoo - Sydney, Australia

The title says it all really. We joined Bob & Muriel and a huge group of their friends for an evening watching what was supposed to be Cuban music but which really was just Jazz, in the grounds of Taronga Zoo. The location was fabulous, but the music was dreadful.

Chris' Birthday - Sydney, Australia

On the night of my birthday we went to dinner at 'The Boathouse', my favourite restaurant in Sydney. Unfortunately I had left my black, leather shoes at work, so I had the choice of wearing my white running shoes or my black slippers out to dinner. Well, hell, it was my birthday and the slippers went much better with the rest of my outfit - what could I do? The main treat, however, was the following weekend - Andy took me away to Jervis Bay. We stayed in a ultra-modern cottage at the glorious Hyam's Beach. Utterly idyllic.

Valentines Day - Sydney, Australia

For Valentines day Andy & I booked tickets to see 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' at the Cinema In The Park. We took a picnic to Centennial Park to have before the film, but ended up just drinking wine and chatting until well after the movie was underway. Oh, well, we'd had a wonderful evening anyway.

Mark & Neil Come Out To Play - Sydney, Australia

Andy began the day (Friday) by crashing her bicycle on the way to work and breaking her shoulder. We spent the rest of the day in the hospital trying to get her a bed and establish whether or not she would have to have surgery. At 22:00 I had to leave in order to get home in time to meet the boys off their flight. I gave up all hope of going out to the terminal to meet them and instead went straight home to await their arrival. The got in at 23:00, but the rest of the evening was a bit short lived (I was knackered). Unfortunately the boys were left pretty much to their own devices for the three days they were with us as I was in and out of the hospital all weekend. We finally got Andy home on Tuesday, in time to bid the boys farewell. A bit arse all round, really. We did get to see them for a few hours on their way home several weeks later, but it was all just too brief. A bit of a shame.