2000-06 (JUNE, 2000)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Andrea, Jennifer, Eric and myself went to Copenhagen for the weekend. It was my turn to book the accommodation this time and, as per usual, I left it until the last minute. We got somewhere not to bad and not too expensive, but a wee way from the centre of town. Jennifer and Eric flew out early afternoon on Friday, and Andy and I joined them that evening.

On Saturday we arose early and gathered in myself and Andy's room for breakfast. Our first item for the day was an orienteering stroll around the city. One highlight was a street market where we each found a trinket to buy - mine was a present for Dad. Next we had a nose around Rosenborg Slot (Rosenborg Castle). Andy and I broke early for lunch in the café next to the castle and Jennifer and Eric joined us soon after. After lunch we continued our walk which included a visit to Nuhaven, the famous Copenhagen port, for afternoon drinks.

We dined at a Malaysian restaurant whilst Eric went off to watch the football (Euro2000) in a pub next door. We walked home tired and happy.

Up earlyish on Sunday and again assembled in our room for breakfast. We again walked through town to Nuhaven where we took a canal boat tour around the city. We passed the statue of Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid.

We departed for the airport at 15:00. Our flight was delayed and we lost Eric somewhere in the airport. Andy and I waited in the executive lounge (it's great having a partner with a silver British Airways card!) and quaffed tomato juice until our plane departed for home some two hours late.